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Safe Hiring is a gateway to screen complex pre-employment background checks with enhance KYE (know your employee) employment background screening techniques before hiring and selecting for the right position. We can help to provide safe hiring and secure screening solutions. We cover more than 200 locations around the world to complete global needs of pre-employment background screening. Our international professional researchers conduct real time and accurate information. Our risk focused and fundamental approach help every business community to work secured and reduce litigation cost from global business phase

Pre-employment screening is the process of investigating the backgrounds of potential employees and is used to verify the accuracy of an applicant’s claims as well as to discover any possible criminal history. For example, CBC News of Canada reported, fraud in the workplace cost Canadian Average Businesses over $3.2 Billion in the year of 2013.

Safe hiring explores the hidden facts


about experience, education, and the ability to perform essential functions on the job.

Of all candidate resumes contain misinformation

Of all candidates hide criminal status

Of all candidates hide bankruptcy status

Key (EBC) Checks

Safe Hiring Worldwide can offer customized employee background checks, as well as a more complete profile, when searches are grouped together. An annual or regularly scheduled background check update can also be done. While hiring employees, you must confirm all the provided details to know more about your employee. This will make your work place more secure from bad employees.

Following are the types of information that normally employers often take as part of a pre-employment screening and check, and this helps them in making a right decision in the process of hiring.


  • International Criminal Records Search
  • County Criminal Record Search
  • Statewide Criminal Record Search
  • Federal Criminal Record Search
  • Bankruptcy Records Search
  • National Criminal Records Indicator


  • International Civil Records Search
  • Federal Civil Records search
  • County Court Civil Record Search
  • Employee Credit History Checks
  • Nationwide Bankruptcy Check


  • Employment Verification
  • Employment Education Verification Process
  • Employee Reference Check
  • Employee Driving Licenses Verification
  • Professional Credential Verification
  • Professional license Check
  • Employee Address Verifications


We verify who the individual reported to and their dates of employment, positions held, remuneration, responsibilities and reason for leaving. This is different to an Employment Reference as it verifies quantitative information such as employment dates, salary packages etc.


This includes employee’s education verification. These educational documents include employee’ s school, university, and college degrees and certificates. Our dedicated researches visit the concerned school university and college to check the complete educational record of an employee. Safe Hiring Worldwide has an extensive experience in pre and post-employment education verification.  


References are always asked by the employer in interviews and documents. Reference makes the application more authentic. An employer can always contact the provided references for any kind of confirmation. Safe Hiring Worldwide provides secure and reliable information and checks the references via modern technologies to make sure that the employee is not lying about his credentials. 


In some jobs, legal driving license is a required entity. If you have any doubt or you want to confirm the driving license of an employee, you can contact us for the accurate and reliable information about the employees driving license. 


Professional licenses verification includes qualification certifications and specialty check. Suppose a candidate is applying against the post where only engineers are required on the basis of his provided information his licenses and certifications must be authentic and verified from national and multinational related institutions. Sometime candidates lie about their professional licenses. Employer must be sure that the professional license of the employee is authentic, and the candidate fits the rights job. 


Employee address is required when some time there is a need in serious matters. Employers must know where the employee belongs to. Safe Hiring provides address verification of you employees by checking the concerned area of employee’s residence. 


This includes employee the complete background check of the concerned candidate for the job. It makes sure that the information provided by employee is 100% accurate and free of falsifications. Employee background check form a reliable company like Safe Hiring Worldwide gives you a complete confidence on your employees. 


National identity includes Nationality and the Identification details information. Confirmation of Nationality and Identity is important for the security of employer. Know your employee (KYE) is important for employers to make sure that they are hiring a right employee. National identity includes confirmation of right to work and residence as well. 


This is applicable on people who are working outside their country of residence and having multiple works. Employer must know that the employee they are hiring has a legal right to work in related territory and field. Safe Hiring provides detailed reports to give you the information about the right to work of concerned person. 


Checking a candidate’s motor vehicle record (MVR) ensures that you have the most up-to-date information on license status, class, moving violations and restrictions. This type of search is important when your candidates or current employees operate motor vehicles. To conduct a driving record search, we access information directly through state Departments of Motor Vehicles. 


All this information is stored in a database using the VIN number. Vehicle history reports are overviews of a vehicle’s history. VIN numbers hold registration records, which will describe how the car was utilized in the past, such as in a fleet, the police force or as a taxi. A vehicle history report can show you if the vehicle was rebuilt or if the car was salvaged. As a consumer, one of the worst things that can happen to you is for you to discover you’ve wasted thousands of dollars on a vehicle that is full of nothing but trouble. Vehicle history reports are powerful tools that could help you greatly minimize that risk. 


A gap between two jobs must be asked by employer and employees are always hired on the basis of satisfactory answers. An employer must check that the information about the gap between jobs provided by employee is accurate or not. This gap can even show you his bad intentions which can harm your workplace later on. Employer must verify the gap history provided by employee. 


Resume contains the whole past/current information and history of an employee about his education, profession and personal. Safe Hiring Worldwide analysis the whole information provided on employee’s resume. Our dedicated researchers look into the details deeply and verify all the information provided by the employee. 


An employee can have clear or bad criminal record. Employer need to know employs background history, court records and any kind of charges against illegal activity by the employee. An employee with no criminal record can be safe for your workplace. On the other side an employee with the bad criminal history or records can harm your workplace and can damage your business. 


Medical checks at work (before employment and at 3 yearly intervals) involves checking of height and weight (BMI), blood pressure, pulse rate, listening to heart rhythm, balance, basic eye examination (visual at or better than unaided 6/6 and safe for driving aided), basic hearing examination, and a series of questions about pre-existing conditions (and/or conditions that the person being tested may have become aware they suffer from since the last examination) such as diabetes, epilepsy, Muscular -skeletal disorders and any other conditions that might affect the ability of the person to safely perform in the growth of your business. 

Why Safe Hiring Worldwide?

Hiring the right candidate can involve more than just pre-employment screening and a criminal background check. Safe Hiring Worldwide has developed complimentary features like our Drug Testing, Employment Medical Testing, employee Tracking System that will streamline your hiring process and will give you the right person on right place in your company.

Utilizing the latest technology to search nationwide and beyond Safe Hiring Worldwide delivers the right reliable information that can make you making the accurate decision for company. Criminal background checks, employee past work verifications, education verification license checks and many more employee background check services are passed at Internet-speed to your desktop so you can move forward without any delay.

Hiring qualified, honest employees is critical to the success of your organization. Safe Hiring Worldwide can help you get them onboard quickly and easily with an intuitive and easy to use employee background check system and services.




Most frequent questions and answers

Background screening plays a vital role in making your investments more secure. The employee you hire is going to be your asset tomorrow so you should be sure that you are hiring the right person for right place. Following can be some important reasons to conduct pre and post-employment background screening and checks:

1. Average cost of hiring and training an employee can range from $4,000 to $50,000.
2. By conducting Employee background checks you can protect your investment and it normally costs less than 1% of your hiring expenses.
3. Number of resumes containing false or misleading information varies from one industry and position to the other. This falsification can lead employer to a high level damage.
4. Pre employment background checks help create and maintain a protected work environment.
Verifying a candidate’s past work experience through a background employment background check is one way to make sure you’re hiring the right person for the job.

We are the risk management company in the world that exclusively handles infidelity Fraud Investigations. Debugging Assignments, Driving record, Credit check, and social security traces, Employment reference, Educational verifications, Verification of Assets, Discreet Confidential Enquiries, and many various background checks.

Employers have a duty to check the backgrounds of prospective employees for the sake of shareholders, fellow employees, and customers. A thorough background check can save an organization an enormous amount of grief and expense down the road. Safe hiring services accelerate the recruiting process and dramatically improve the quality of background information that is necessary to make well-informed hiring decisions. These benefits will significantly reduce expenses associated with turnover and re-training – not to mention the damage that a ‘bad hire’ can inflict on the company and its customers. The relatively minor cost of a Safe hiring check is insignificant compared to the cost of correcting a bad hire!

Being that Safe Hiring (worldwide) specializes in analysis involving relationships and have done so for over 10 years, we know exactly what your attorney would need for your matrimonial case. Other Private Investigators specialize in insurance Claim Fraud, Business Investigation, Investigative Due Diligence services, etc., and only take very few cases that involve adultery. For your protection, it is important that you hire an organization that is experienced and specializes in the type of investigations you are in need of. That’s why people who need personal, discreet, confidential investigating trust Safe Hiring (worldwide).

Yes. A criminal record check may be ordered on an existing or prospective employee when a consent form is signed. In the case of a prospective employee, a criminal record search may be conducted only when a conditional offer of employment is made. Please note that an employer may not at any time ask an employee or prospective employee if they have a ‘criminal record’. An employer may pose the question in a manner which does not invite information on released offences.

Small companies have the potential to be even more impacted by a bad hire as the high costs of training, turnover, theft and the negative impact on the existing staff can have a serious effect on the bottom line. The costs of thoroughly investigating a candidate before hiring are negligible in comparison.

We can cover your area with our own team of researcher. Who assist us from all over the world, and Especially in Asia.

You can call our office 7 days a week 11am to 6pm and speak with one of our Case Managers. They will give you a free consultation and advise you of all your options.

Yes! All employee assessment services provided by Safe Hiring and our partners are legally secure. Our screening tools are not influenced by race, religion or ethnicity. As long as all applicants to a similar position are treated equally, assessments can become an integrated, timesaving addition to your selection process.

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