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Employment address history & Identity verification

Address of the candidate to determine whether the candidate has lived at the given address or not

Comprehensive Address verification

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Safe Hiring provide accurate address verification or address history search is a useful tool for clients who want to conduct a comprehensive criminal record search. Although job applications and resume’s contain present and, in some cases, past addresses, Conducting an address search not only validates the address information that has already been obtained, but it often includes additional addresses and names that need to be checked for possible criminal activity. This information is obtained from a variety of sources, including postal change of address requests and credit report information. Safe Hiring recommends conducting an address search as an important part of the background screening process.

The benefits of Right Address

primary reason for address verification

The primary reason for requesting an address verification search is to confirm the current address of an applicant and to determine if there are any other names and/or addresses that should be used when performing criminal record searches. Criminal records are maintained in specific jurisdictions. For this reason, knowing where to search is critical to obtaining the most complete information. Additionally, criminal records are indexed by name, so an applicant with multiple names may have separate distinct criminal history records listed under previous names. Unless all names and addresses are searched, records may be missed. The address verification search is a powerful tool that can be used to determine which jurisdictions should be searched for criminal records and under what names. Safe Hiring has several options for using the address history search and can automate the ordering of criminal records based on the information returned.names.

What Identity?



The identity verification product also help you avoid fraudulent applications

Identity verification

Identity verification have helped reduce your fraud issues but they’re also slowing down the rate of your approvals and hurting customer satisfaction. Now there’s a better way to protect your bottom-line without delaying sales or jeopardizing customer satisfaction. 

Safe hiring (worldwide) able to verify ID against compound sources, and cross reference the results against evidence achieved through other employment checks conducted, and with the applicants CV. Full name, (first, middle and last name) provided with most common Latin transliterations/Romanization after confirmation and verification with the appropriate authorities.

what you get

Typical Applications

Easy 3 step

for Identity (ID) Verification

Send Request

Share able emails a verification request to your applicant

ID Verification

The applicant enters their personal information and their identity is authenticated.

Reports Delivered

The reports are delivered to you within 5-6 working days.


Most frequent questions and answers

ID Report can help you save time and effort manually verifying your job applicant’s identity. As a part of the ShareAble for Hires process the applicant provides ShareAble with their name, address, SSN, and date of birth. The ID Report compares the applicant’s information to information in TransUnion’s databases and reports back on whether the elements match TransUnion’s information. The ID Report also checks fraud alerts and deceased person alerts which can help indicate whether an applicant has been a victim of fraud. Key among these fraud alerts is a check whether the applicant’s SSN may have been used in a death benefits claim.

The ID Report checks the applicant’s entered information against information in legal databases. This includes the applicant’s name, address, social security number, and date of birth. The ID Report also checks for any fraud alerts and deceased person alerts associated with the applicant’s entered information.

ID Report can be returned for anyone who has a consumer file with databases. Applicants with no or light information in databases may not return an ID Report result.

No, ID Report cannot be used as a basis for denying an applicant and is not adverse actionable. It can only be used to determine whether to request additional proof of identity from an applicant.

The ID Report is available as part of our Background Check Plus package for $150, and also comes with a criminal report. It can also be purchased in our Background Check Pro package for $60, and comes with a criminal and credit report. The ID Report cannot be purchased as a stand-alone report.

Save time

with one-stop reporting.

The process is quick and easy: ID check is completed entirely online and reports are delivered in minutes so you don’t have to patch together information from various other sources.

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