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Insurance Detected Frauds Investigation

By analyzing claim trend

Find the truth and value of insurance claims

Safe Hiring detects frauds by analyzing claim trends. We keep database of claims amounts and compare new fraud claims against previous available information. If a claim is large, it is forwarded to a special investigator for additional research. Our special Investigators look into the case deeply and visit the damaged place or entity and investigate with the relating parties and the person claiming the fraud insurance to find out the fraudulent insurance claims.


Insurance fraud is the action of stand up to a fake or overstated claim to an insurance company for money. A claim is absolutely fraud if the claimer seeking money knew that the claim was false or overstated, and if the insurance company would not have paid the claim if it had known the truth. Insurance fraud broke out since the beginning of insurance. Fraudulent claims account for a significant portion of all claims received by insurers, and cost billions of dollars annually.


Fraud comes in various types. In many bad cases, criminals develop elaborate frauds with faked injuries or thefts to collect on insurance benefits. Commonly frauds include:

  • 1

    Intentionally damaging property or automobile vehicle and lying to insurance company about the fake "accident".

  • 2

    Faking an injury to collect disability, workers' compensation amounts, or personal injury insurance claims.

  • 3

    Showing up false theft reports, after property stolen has been hidden.

Area practice

Life Insurance Frauds Claim

Life insurance frauds can involve in faking deaths to claim life insurance from insurance company. Fraud people can sometimes turn up few years after disappearing, claiming memory loss.

Health care Insurance Frauds Claim

Health insurance fraud is an intentional crime of deceiving, concealing, or misrepresenting information in health care benefits to get paid to an individual or company. Frauds can be committed by both a member and a provider.

Automobile Insurance Frauds Claim

Fraud person may show a fake traffic death or can show fake fraudulent collisions to make false insurance or exaggerated claims and collect insurance money from insurance companies. According to Safe Hiring Analysis, one of the biggest categories of insurance claims fraud is the fraudulent insurance of vehicles.

Crash for Cash Insurance Frauds Claim

This category involves knowingly collisions where the fraud person can use an automobile to arrange an accident with the other party. Typically, there would be 4 or 5 fraudsters in the vehicle which makes an unexpected causing the other party to collide with the fraud making person’s automobile.

Property Insurance Frauds Claim

This can include claiming amount that is worth higher than the actual values of the property damaged and subsequently receive payments for goods that could not be sold. One big reason for this is that any evidence that the fire was started by arson is often destroyed by the fire itself. According to the United States Fire Administration, in the United States there were approximately 31,000 fires caused by arson in 2006, resulting in losses of $755 million.

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