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Safe Hiring propose international public record searches and verification services with local researchers to obtain accurate practices information in different countries more than 200 locations. Safe Hiring  international background checks assist you to obtain significant employment background information. We provide easy, cost effective, fast international employment background history information and verification services according to your recruitment requirements. Safe Hiring  conduct international public record searches through authentic resources under countries laws and regulations.

Our International Employment background screening service is designed to provide for the international job seeker on the move. We aim to offer one of the fastest and simplest international services available. As each country has its own legal requirements we have attempted to capture all the information we require within the one form however, on some times we may require additional information. Wherever possible please enter any other information which you think might be helpful such as Passport # and National ID #

Address Verification

Job applications and resume’s contain present and, in some cases, past addresses, usually the required seven years off address information is not available. Conducting an address search not only validates the address information that has already been obtained, but it often includes additional addresses and names that need to be checked for possible criminal activity.

International Criminal Record Searches

Reputational Media is recommended in countries that it is not permissible or available to conduct criminal record searches. Local police check is conducted via the local jurisdiction as a manual search through police, ministry, courts and other appropriate associations or local agencies. This search is developed based on address.

Employment Verification

Verifies dates of employment and job titles, salary, circumstances of termination, and eligibility for rehire.

Education Verification

Verifies dates of attendance, course major, degree(s) attained, and the date of the degree awarded – When available.

Business Credit Report

An objective, accurate business credit report provides access to critical information needed for making informed financial business decisions about whom you do business with and at what price.

Professional License

Verification of provided license, registration, credential, or certification.

Reference Verification

Verification of business or personal related references.

Identifies Verification

Identifies the applicant has an official national identification card. Not available in all markets
safehiring employment background screening

Searches Standard & Turnaround

Safe Hiring researchers shall conduct the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date records searches by going directly to the court house and concerned authority where records available. Our researchers will search all records repositories necessary to identify all available records with respect to an ordered search within country-specific turnaround, responsiveness and perfect timeliness.

One of our major fast facts is to provide control TAT with group based strategic leadership to precede local and international verification’s and background screening checks with excellence and express TAT to deliver fact result worldwide

Maintain Reporting Quality

Safe  Hiring always maintain highest level of search and reporting quality to perform its searches and results in accordance with highest industry standards and must be fully equipped to be, and be fully operational. We implement internal quality control procedures to ensure proper and accurate reporting. Our researchers maintain employment screening program perfect.

Type of SearchType of InformationTurnaround Time
CIVIL SEARCHESRelates to non-criminal lawsuits by or against a person or a company. County Civil courts are either Upper or Lower courts, depending on the dollar amount of the action. Federal Civil actions relate to Federal Statutes and would include EEOC, EPA, Treasury or SEC Fraud, Civil Rights, etc.TURNAROUND TIME: 4-5 DAYS.
COUNTY CRIMINAL SEARCHReports felony and / or misdemeanor records in the county you are requesting. Multiple counties may be selected per applicant and counties may be selected by name, city name, or ZIP CodeTURNAROUND TIME: 4-5 DAYS.
FEDERAL CRIMINAL SEARCHReports the records of crimes committed against Federal criminal laws. This information will not be included in ANY state or county record.TURNAROUND TIME: 4-5 DAYS.
STATEWIDE CRIMINAL SEARCHAccesses the statewide criminal repository. Type of data and number of years varies by state. All information is reported to us by the state. (Not available in all states)TURNAROUND TIME AND COST VARY BY STATE
CREDIT REPORTProvide report from your choice of credit bureaus: Trans Union, Equifax (CBI) or TRW (Experian). A release is required (keep on file). Gives insight into the financial responsibility, past employers, past addresses, age, etc. Separate signed release necessary.TURNAROUND TIME: 4-5 DAYS.
PRIOR EMPLOYER VERIFICATIONDirect verification of claimed previous employment. Verification of dates of employment, position held, performance, reason for departure, rehire status and any general comments.TURNAROUND TIME: 4-5 DAYS.
CREDIT HEADER SEARCH PLUSSame as Credit Header, only all three bureaus searched.TURNAROUND TIME: 4-5 DAYS.
CREDIT HEADER SEARCHThis report comes from credit “header” information. Validates Social Security number, year and place of issue, past addresses, age or year of birth, corporate affiliations, UCC filings, neighbors, relatives, bankruptcies, liens, judgments, real property ownership and any pilot information.

BANKRUPTCY(Corporate search only). We search all available states.TURNAROUND TIME: 2-3 DAYS.

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