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Safe Hiring was established since 2005, Safe Hiring is worldwide foremost professional Background Screening company specialize to advise pre and post-Employment background screening services, corporate due diligence investigation services and complete range of business risk management solutions worldwide to enable employment hiring and verification needs with exceedingly advantages. We have over 17 + years’ experience managing risks that could potentially harm your business or enterprise.


Years later Safehiring became a well-known and respected company with a staff of professionals. The company expanded their directions of services offered and now have a wide range of researches, analysis, producing new ideas, and resolving different business issues.

During their, work Safehiring has helped dozens of firms, companies, and private entrepreneurs to orient themselves in a complicated business world.

Our aim to provide sound advice with powerful and analytical risk assessment judgments for pre-employment background screening practice.

Our delighted to reflect on our long-term commitment and implementing a customer quality management system on the international standard where we aim to achieve the entire customer.

Fast and accurate report delivery is crucial to companies who respond to related Criminal & Civil Court record, Bankruptcy Check, Corporate Due-diligence Check and to companies who need to turn around bids and estimates quickly and efficiently.

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Background Screening (EBS) 96 / 100 %
Customized background checks 80 / 100 %
Public Record Searches  97 / 100 %
International Background Check 98 / 100 %
Enhanced Due Diligence 77 / 100 %
Document Process Server 66 / 100 %
Insurance Claim Frauds Investigation 69 / 100 %
Intellectual Property Rights 88 / 100 %

What we Do?

As of today’s, fastest business competition every day around the world millions of international organizations searching to hire professional employment to increase business enhancement with the high growth rate. Safe hiring committed to helping your business with specializes procedure to elucidate issues related to corporate policies, strategies, investment, and human resources management through accurate, safe, legal and risk-free solutions to maintain corporate security.

Every organization depends on employee’s to achieve the successfully highest business goal where employment recruitment procedure is a very sensitive procedure because one bad hiring decision lives anxiously loss and litigation cost. Safe hiring provides professional risk analytical management solutions by conducting enhance pre-employment background screening checks to verify complete criminal histories, conviction orders, civil judgments, sanctions listing to facilitate appropriate hiring decisions.

Pre-Employment background screenings is a very imperative method when an employer going to make a contract with the employee where Safe hiring institute for your business reputation and trust with delicate challenges to enable workplace risks and discover talent applicants before hiring.

The employment hiring decisions does not originate through job description analysis, general interview questionnaires and short of references checking. This is the responsibility of every organization’s human resource department to conduct complete and accurate pre and post-employment background screenings to verify sensitive data and reduce bad hiring cost. Safe hiring employment verification will be conducted with law enforcement departments and certified worldwide authorities to get accurate information against applicants


Your suggestions are always appreciated

Kamran Adeel

Fraud services has always been very helpful in identifying and detecting frauds.Though the services are very rare in Pakistan. The potential for such services is great. Fraud examiners are performing great job worldwide and I believe Safe Hiring with such an experience may serve the industry much better.

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M.Kashif Khan

Pre-Claim investigations are a very important and practical idea. It saves time, efferts and energy which is o go into waist due to any claim fraud, misrepresentation, concealment of facts or manipulation of facts. Pre-claim investigation should be adopted by eacha and every company dealing in insurance and financial services.

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Dr. Ashiq Khan

Medical testing services for human beings is very important for preventive purpose periodically. Safe Hiring organization has taken good initiative to conduct a survey regarding importance of Medical Testing services. Diagnosis of any biomedical problem by medical lab test helps both employee and employer to take initial… 

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Integrity & Commitment

Safe Hiring worldwide. is committed to best practices and maintaining the highest standards of integrity and honesty. As part of that commitment, Safe Hiring worldwide. our employees will not engage in bribery or corruption in any form.


We are proud to be affiliated with the number of reputable national and international associations

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) is the financial regulatory agency and Safe Hiring (Worldwide) is authorized by the agency for its operation on May 19th, 2005.

Intellectual Property Office

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) is the financial regulatory agency and Safe Hiring (Worldwide) is authorized by the agency for its operation in May 19th 2005.

The Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry has been serving the Economy of Pakistan and has continuously contributed to its development and progress. Safe Hiring Worldwide is fully accredited by ICCI in 2005.

Federal Board of Revenue |FBR

Safe Hiring worldwide is fully authorized to operate in Pakistan through the certification with FBR on May 19th, 2005.

Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA)

PBSA® serves to represent the interest of companies offering employment and background screening. Safe Hiring Worldwide is highly reputed by PBSA for its background screening services from 2005.

Society for Human Resource Management

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a professional human resources association that certifies companies for high-quality HR management services. Safe Hiring Worldwide is certified by SHRM in 2005


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